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 son la tourist

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Binh Bét
Binh Bét

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: son la tourist   Sat Mar 06, 2010 10:22 pm

Son La Town
The Son La town is 380 km northeast of Hanoi. It is the social and cultural center of the province of Son La.
The town is a highland town which is about 600 meters above sea
level. Infrastructure here is relatively good and the air is very fresh
and cool, which is very suitable for relaxing tourism.

In the middle of the town locates the Son La prison where detained
communist soldiers built by the French in 1908 on the Khau Ca hill’️s
top on which has the grave of To Hieu and his peach-tree. Mai Son
district has Tien Phong lake and Ta Hoc port locating at the bank of Da
river. Reaching Ta Hoc port, you will begin a river tour on a boat
rowing down and up the river and enjoy delicious fish dishes of native
fishermen. Coming to Son La town, you will also have opportunities to
visit the Tham Ke Cave and Tham Ta Toong Caves in the Thuong Thien
Cavern in Chieng Ngan commune, or you can visit the Youth Moon Lake
(Nguyet Ho Tuoi Tre) in Chieng An commune.

Besides, you can
visit historic cultural relics like the Son La prison, the Temple of
King Le Thanh Tong, traditionally vocational villages and farms, or
take part in cultural festivals.

The hot stream of Mong Village which is 2 km far from the center of
Son La town attracts a great number of tourists. According to the study
of the Ministry of Healthcare, the hot water at the temperature of
37-380C of the stream can ease such diseases as stomach, rheumatism,
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